The Private car "Alexander Hamilton" lays over in Pittsburgh, PA

The Private car "Alexander Hamilton" lays over in Pittsburgh, PA

Welcome to Luxury Rail Travel! Luxury Rail Travel offers 4 types of services to further the enjoyment of the rail sector in the transportation industry. We offer private passenger car rentals almost anywhere Amtrak operates in the lower 48 states. We also operate rail excursions both for ourselves and our clients on the mainline rail network. Finally, we operate domestic and international trips to visit railroad points of interest and provide a guided tour of the area covered. 

Our consultants can help you plan the trip of a lifetime, so please contact us to see how we can help you, or scroll down or use the menu to see how we can help you experience the enjoyment of Luxury Rail Travel!

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Private Car Rental

There is really only one way to see the United States in luxury, comfort and style and that is to do it in a privately owned railcar on the rear end of an Amtrak train. PV (short for Private Varnish) rentals and leasing is the bread and butter of Luxury Rail Travel's work. We work with several different PV owners to get you the type of car you want for your desired journey. 

When you step aboard a private railcar, you leave behind the security lines and hassle of the airport, the boredom of driving and the cramped quarters of public transport for the space and comfort of your own passenger car. Imagine having a whole car to yourself as you travel across our great nation. While the cities of the US whiz by, our staff of car hosts, porters and service crew make sure you have whatever you need to enjoy your trip. Picture you and your family and friends sitting down to a dinner prepared onboard your private car and served as the sun sets over a midwest city and then retiring for the night to a private berth or bedroom to be whisked safely and soundly across the rolling prairies of the nation's farm country. In the morning you awake to the smell of fresh bacon and eggs cooking as the railcar windows frame the Rocky Mountains.  

We can charter cars of many types depending on your specific needs and you can travel most places Amtrak goes. We can also arrange for cars to be placed at many larger city stations to be used as mobile hotels, meeting space, etc. Chartering a car can also be used as a fundraiser for your organization. 

As with our other products, we handle all the logistics! First, we talk to you to find out where you'd like to go, how many people will go, etc and then we send you a custom quote to operate your trip. Once we receive a signed contract and deposit, we handle the rest and all that's left for you to do is show up and let our staff take care of you.  

Domestic Travel

Luxury Rail Travel's Domestic Railfan Adventures take you to places you've always wanted to visit! From Cajon Pass to Horseshoe Curve and everywhere in between, our experienced guides take you where the pictures come from.

We set up everything for you so all you have to do is show up. We take care of rental cars, mapping the areas ahead of time, stocking food and drink for the trip and we also make sure you're familiar with the local climate and special requirements ahead of time so you're fully prepared and can sit back, relax and enjoy all that US Railroads have to offer. 

We plan our domestic trips to maximize track-side time and limit poor sun angles so you get great photographs. We also have folks trained in the art of night photography to help you get the extra special shots that you'll enjoy for years to come. 


International Travel

Our International Photographic Adventures can take you almost anywhere in the globe to capture images of and ride on trains and railroads you've only seen in magazines and on the internet. Ride behind British steam at 80mph on the East Coast Main Line, Tour the shop facilities of major steam powered preserved railway, visit great transportation related museums and have some time to explore on your own on one of our trips. 

We handle all the logistics of the trip (except passports) including airfare, train tickets, lodging, baggage forwarding, and setting up tours of "behind the scenes" activities as we explore the countryside. Along the way we'll sample local fare and experience many of the things that make international travel exciting!

Keep an eye out on our website and our Facebook page to learn about more opportunities for international travel!