New York/Philadelphia/Washington - Orlando/Miami, FL

Board our private varnish in New York's Penn Station, Philadelphia's 30th St. Station or Washington's Union Station for an overnight trip down the east coast to the warm beaches, exciting theme parks and cruise ports of either Orlando or Miami, Florida. 

You'll board your private cars in the Northeast and as night falls, you'll be rolling through the hills of Virginia. You'll crawl into your bed looking at rolling hills and big leafy trees and wake up to the sunny southern Georgia woods. These soon give way to Florida's rivers and orange trees as we roll south to either the theme parks of Orlando or the warm beaches of Miami.   

Orlando is it for families in Florida! Walt Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios Orlando Park & Resort, and so much more beckon either families with children or adults wanting to relive their childhood and we drop you off in the middle of it all with free transfers from the station to the park or hotel of your choice. We can also arrange rental cars for you and have them at the station should you so desire. With Luxury Rail Travel, it's anything we can do to serve you and make your trip as enjoyable as it can be.

Miami is where Florida goes for fun! There's so much to do here we couldn't possibly tell you all about it in just a few short paragraphs. Perhaps you just want to stroll the beaches. Maybe you use us to get you to Miami as a jumping off point for a cruise, or maybe stick around town and enjoy the nightlife and culture. Whatever you wan to do, Miami has it and we can help you find it! Not only can we help you get there without doing battle with I-95 or airport security, we can also help you with hotels, cruises, rental cars and much more through our partners in these industries.

 When your're exhausted and ready to head home, we've got you covered. No 1,200 mile drive to worry about, no airport hassle, just comfortable seats, warm beds, and amazing scenery. We'll whisk you home overnight so you don't get that "I need another vacation" feel. You'll arrive stress-free and relaxed back home. 

Got a group of less than 10? We recommend you use the Pullman Parlor "Kitchi Gammi Club". This car is fully equipped with everything you'll need for the trip. 10 large comfortable lounge chairs surrounded by massive picture windows, 10 sections for your overnight sleeping accommodation which fold up into table seating for your meals. The car also features a full kitchen, shower and bathroom as well as 110v outlets to charge mobile devices. 

Larger groups will require 2 cars, for which we recommend the cars "Passiac River" and "Pacific Home". The "Pacific Home" is a 8-6 Sleeper which features 6 bedrooms (up to 2 people each) and 8 Roommettes, each sleeping a single person, for a total capacity of 20 people.  There is also a shower onboard. The "Passiac River" features an 8 seat lounge and a 24 seat table area as well as a full kitchen and food/drink storage. This car is a perfect companion to the "Pacific Home" and this 2 car setup allows you to ride in the more private bedrooms (which are set up for seating for day use and beds at night), or enojy the company of your fellow travelers in the lounge of the "Passiac River". 

When you book one of these trips with us, we handle it all. You just book and enjoy a stress-free unique travel experience. 

Basic charter of this trip includes:

--Charter of a car from our diverse fleet of cars

--7 Days travel round trip from New York/Philadelphia/Washington to either Miami or Orlando, Florida (2 days each way on the train and 3 days in Florida

--All Amtrak fees

--Mileage (almost 3000 miles of beautiful scenery or comfortable relaxing sleep!)

--Use of Amtrak's First Class lounges in New York and/or Philadelphia

--All switching charges

--Car Servicing


--Bring as few or as many people as you like, up to the car's rated capacity.

Cost: Single Car $27,595

2 Cars $  45,995

(Prices are for round-trip travel)


--Food Service.

----Continental Breakfast: $9.99 per person    ----Hot Breakfast: $14.99 per person

----Lunch: $17.99 per person                              ----Dinner: $29.99 per person

*You are also welcome to supply your own food


--Sleep onboard the car is included for the trip down and back. Hotels will be required in Orlando/Miami

--Additional Days Layover in Florida: $1,000/Day

--We can also add other items such as rental cars, ground transport, hotel transport,theme park tickets, event tickets, etc.

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