Diner Lounge "Passiac River"

The "Passaic River" was built in 1948 by the Budd Company as an Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway (better known as the "Santa Fe") dining car, serving all over the southwestern United States. In 1971, the car was sold to Amtrak, and later reconfigured to become buffet-lounge #3106. The Morristown & Erie Railway acquired the car in the early 2000s and renamed it Penobscot Bay, and it served until 2015 on the M&E-owned Maine Eastern Railroad along Maine's Mid-Coast region. In 2016, the car was moved to New Jersey and renamed Passaic River, and it is now operated by the Morristown & Erie Railway. The car is certified to operate all over the US and Canada at speeds up to 110 mph.

The Passaic River is a buffet-lounge car capable of seating 8 passengers in parlor chairs, 24 passengers in six booths, and 8 more passengers in lounge seating. The nostalgic railroad environment is the perfect setting to watch the picturesque view of the passing scenery. With a kitchen equipped with an oven, freezers, and ample refrigeration, this car is perfectly outfitted for a cocktail hour or social gathering. The car features heat & air conditioning throughout. The atmosphere and amenities provided in this car will exceed your expectations for hosting a business meeting, corporate event, social gathering, or family outing.


Booth Seating

Booth seating on the car can comfortably seat 24 people as dinner is served from the car's kitchen. The booth tables also allow for a place to put your camera, read a newspaper or perhaps a card game as you roll through the countryside.


Lounge Seating

The longer lounge seats in the car allow larger groups to sit face to face and enjoy drinks while the conversation with both new and old friends lasts long into the night.


Drinks bar

Another feature of the car is the customer accessible drinks coolers. These coolers are stocked 24/7 with all different soft drinks and juices, along with other drinks for you to enjoy.