The American Steam Railroad Preservation Association


"The Glacier Park Mountaineer"


The American Steam Railroad Preservation Association, in conjunction with Luxury Rail Travel are proud to offer a luxury vacation adventure aboard the "Glacier Park Mountaineer", a private railcar trip. This exclusive journey starts in either the hustle and bustle of New York City or the heart of downtown Chicago and will take you aboard privately owned railcars behind Amtrak's "Empire Builder". We whisk you from the bustle of the urban sprawl to a slower, cooler, more laid-back and relaxing place, Whitefish, MT, in comfort and style. No security lines, no traffic jams, just the peace and quiet of the rails.

You'll step aboard our 2 car consist and into your private bedroom or roommette aboard either the former Union Pacific sleeping car "Pacific Home" or former Pennsylvania Railroad Sleeper Lounge "Colonial Crafts".

During the day, these cars will provide you a comfortable and secluded place to relax and watch the beautiful vistas of the northern plains roll by. By night, your room will be converted into sleeping facilities for 1 or 2 people where you'll be soothed to sleep by the hum of the rails. Should you feel like a snack, stretching your legs or a unique view, lounge of Colonial Crafts will be open and staffed 24 hours a day. 

Boarding  in New York City provides you the most time aboard the train and as you settle in, you'll be whisked north out of the city along the Hudson River to Albany where we'll turn west and cross the Empire State as the light fades. Overnight, you'll roll across New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio in safety and comfort. You'll awake as we cross Indiana and dine after a light breakfast, we'll arrive in Chicago, Ill. You'll have the day to explore the city and overnight on our cars. 

On Day 3, you'll have more time to see the sights of Chicago or simply sleep in and relax onboard the train. We'll pick up our Chicago passengers and depart the city just after 2 pm.

Once onboard the cars, you'll dine as we head west, watching the sun set over hills and river valleys as we pass through Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota. With dinner over, you'll find your sleeping quarters transformed from a comfortable place to sit and watch the world fly by into a sleeping space built for relaxation and a good night's sleep. 

Day 4 sees us having crossed into North Dakota, with the train stopping at Minot around breakfast time. Montana comes to us just before lunch and the landscape will change from flat to more rocky and scenic. After dinner, we'll arrive in Whitefish, MT. 

Once in Whitefish, we'll be put in the siding near the station where the cars will remain until we're ready to depart for home. You may elect to stay onboard the cars or we can assist you with a local hotel room. We can also arrange a rental car for all or part of your stay in Whitefish, and see that it's delivered to the cars upon your request. 

On Day 8, we'll be added to the eastbound Amtrak train for the trip back home through the same beautiful scenery of our outbound trip. 

Day 9 sees our arrival back in Chicago mid-afternoon and New York bound passengers will be staying overnight onboard the cars again and may go out for dinner if they wish

Day 10 is free to explore Chicago until we're re-attached to the back of Amtrak's Lakeshore Limited bound for New York late in the evening. Again, we'll pass through Indiana and Ohio in darkness, arriving in Buffalo on Day 11 at breakfast time. After a sprint across upstate New York, we'll arrive in New York City just as evening sets in. 



Day 1: Board the "Mountaineer" for an afternoon departure from New York

Day 2: Arrive in Chicago, free to explore the city

Day 3: Depart Chicago

Day 4: Arrive in Whitefish in the evening

Day 5/6/7: Free to explore Whitefish & Glacier National Park

Day 8: Depart Whitefish for Chicago

Day 9: Early Arrival in Chicago

Day 10: Depart Chicago

Day 11: Arrive in New York

Our route to tranquility...



Colonial Crafts

The Colonial Crafts is a former Pennsylvania Railroad Sleeper-Lounge Click "Learn More" for more information about this classic car


Pacific Home

This classic Union Pacific Streamliner is a 10-6 sleeper and will be your home away from home. Click "Learn More" for more information