Dome-Lounge "Moonlight Dome"


Now without a need by C&O, the three cars were sold to the Baltimore & Ohio in December 1950.  The Baltimore & Ohio gave the three cars names: MOONLIGHT DOME, STARLIGHT DOME, and SUNLIGHT DOME. Beginning on December 20, 1950, STARLIGHT and SUNLIGHT operated in daily service on the Capitol Limited while MOONLIGHT operated in alternate directions on the Shenandoah until October 1963.Thereafter it became the spare car for the Capitol Limited.

MOONLIGHT DOME and its sister cars were pulled from the Capitol Limited on October 1965 and leased to the Atlantic Coast Line during the winter of 1965-66.  After their return by the CN MOONLIGHT DOME was leased to the Seaboard Coast Line in July of 1968 and sold to them in September of 1969. The car operated on the Florida Special. 

The car changed ownership to Amtrak in 1971, and then changed hands several times between 1978 and 1987. It was purchased from Amtrak by Building Leasing Corp. in 1978, then sold to Rail Dome Corp. in 1981, then sold to Kasten Railcar (predecessor of Illinois Transit Assembly) in 1984, and then to Wynchester Mining Company in 1986. In 1987 Wynchester Mining had the car rebuilt by Northern Rail Car Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. MOONLIGHT DOME was acquired by FBX Aviation, LLC in September 1999. In 2004 the car was shopped again at Avalon Railcar in Milwaukee.  It was then moved that same year to L&C Railcar in Lancaster S.C. for additional work and for restoration of the dome area.  In 2008 the car was purchased by the Promontory Railroad Group of Salt Lake City Utah and moved there via Amtrak. In January of 2014 it was again sold to Birch Grove LLC, owned by Brian Collins and Harry Davis.

In February of 2014 the MOONLIGHT DOME was moved via Amtrak to its current home in Cincinnati, Ohio. and then on to Chicago for permanent storage.


Glass-top seating

Moonlight Dome features a rare glass-dome roof over the lounge section allowing a 360 degree view. Watch the scenery fly by during the day and the stars at night


Lounge Seating

Comfortable lounge seating allows you some relaxation time with large windows to view the passing scenery. Stretch out and relax as you roll down the railroad.


Table Seating

Moonlight Dome's table seating is perfect for a game of cards and a drink while you roll through the countryside, enjoying the spectacular and unique views of passing towns and rolling scenery.