Heavyweight Pullman "Kitchi Gammi Club"

Pullman originally built this car at Calumet City, IL in June and July of 1923. The car was originally named the "Mountain View" and was built to Pullman plan 2521C, lot 4690. In 1937, the "Mountain View" returned to Calumet for rebuilding into a solarium observation car, as were many Pullman open platform cars at that time. In Calumet shops, the car was given a complete overhaul, which included the addition of air conditioning. Major interior changes were the addition of a buffet kitchen area in the center of the car, a porter’s room, and the reduction of the sections from ten to eight. All carpet and upholstery was updated and the car rolled out of the shop with a new plan designation of 4025H, an 8-section buffet lounge observation named "Kitchi Gammi Club". Only one other car in Pullman history had the same 4025H designation, the "Carlton Club" (formerly the Mountain City), which was soon to become Nickel Plate Road business car #6. 

 In 1989, Virginia Rail Investment Corp. purchased the Kitchi Gammi Club and moved it to Lynchburg, VA for work to determine the soundness and probability of restoration. After complete removal of all the old and outdated equipment underneath and inside the car, it was sandblasted and primed. After careful inspection, the car was found to be in excellent condition, and restoration was started. The car moved from Lynchburg to Roanoke, then on to Evansville, IN where the majority of the work was accomplished. 

In 2007, the Kitchi Gammi Club was shopped once again for some upgrades in Morristown, NJ.  The original 1923 trucks were replaced with smoother-riding trucks from a New Haven heavyweight streamlined coach, and a brand new, state-of-the-art stainless steel kitchen was installed.

Now, you can ride aboard the "Kitchi Gammi Club" through Luxury Rail Travel! The "Kitchi Gammi Club" is the perfect stand-alone car for up to 20 people on a day trip, or 10 on overnight trips. The car features large comfortable chairs in the solarium section and cozy table seats that convert it bunk beds in the center section. The car also features a full kitchen and shower for longer trips. 

The "Kitchi Gammi Club" is based near New York City and is fully Amtrak certified and can travel anywhere on the Amtrak system. It is owned by Virginia Rail Investment Corp and can be chartered through Luxury Rail Travel.


Day use: 20 

Sleeper Service: 10


solarium Seating

The end of the car features large, comfortable chairs suitable for relaxing while watching the passing scenery through the large picture windows of the Solarium Section. This area seats up to 10 passengers by day or night.


Section Seating

By day, the center section of the car is setup as facing tables. These make chatting with a friend or eating a meal prepared freshly onboard a cozy and relaxing expierience.


Section Beds

By night, the center section of the car is transformed into bunk style beds with curtains. The car can sleep up to 10 people in the sections. The transformation from seating to beds is done by your on-car staff.