International Travel FAQs

Where do you go internationally? - Generally our trips are to western European countries.

Do I need anything special to travel overseas? - Yes. You'll need a passport for all international travel. Some countries also require a visa, and we'll let you know what you need and how to get it. 

How far in advance should I get a passport? - A passport should be obtained as soon as possible once the trip is booked. Passports can be obtained in a "rush", but it's more expensive.

Do I need to speak a different language? - No. Our guides will insure that communications can be made with locals.

How long are the flights? - It depends. Most flights will be between 5-8 hours. We always attempt to book direct flights to make things easier. 

What do you handle on these trips? - We handle all the bookings for all aspects of the trip. On our international trips, the only non-included things are food and souvenirs. 

How long are the trips? - Trips vary, but should be no shorter than 12 days, and no longer than 22.