Domestic Travel FAQ 

Where do you do trips? - Our domestic trips cover the entire US, but we have some areas we specialize in, including the BNSF Transcon in Arizona and California, Cajon Pass, the Tehachapi Loop region, The NS Harrisburg Line (former PRR Middle Division), The Northeast Corridor, and the cities of Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Los Angeles and many others. 

When do you offer trips? - Generally we operate trips when an interested party contacts us, however we occasionally plan a trip and advertise it.

What services do you provide? - We provide full planning of the trip from airfare, ground transportation, lodging or camping arrangements, and any other ancillary needs on a trip by trip basis. We also act as a guide so you can enjoy your trip and  get the best photo angles possible for some spectacular photographs!

How much does it cost? - Quick answer is "it depends"... Location, length of trip, etc all can have an effect on the cost. 

Can we camp beside the tracks? - In some places, yes! There are many great locations for trackside camping that are safe and legal. Just don't plan on getting much sleep!

Do you visit other "non railroad" attractions during the trips? - That depends on the wishes of the group. Often, if we're near a local attraction that's of interest, we can make a detour to go see it. 

Do you provide related info about the area? - Yes. Before we leave on a trip, we provide info on special needs of the area, what to expect from the weather, etc. You'll arrive fully prepared for the trip ahead. 

How far in advance do we need to plan a trip? - Usually about an 8 week lead time is needed, but for an extra fee, we can do it on short notice.